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defense here. take the play clock all the way down to one. ladainian tomlinson, he'll take it to the 3 yard line. and the dolphins will spend a time-out here. and it will be second down and goal. >> cris: let's go back to the big miss by jason allen on the braylon edwards catch. right here he's going to have to safety help. all he has to do is run underneath braylon edwards. you don't have to play anything high. you have help back here. double coverage of the here's the safety right back here. he's turning and facing the receiver. anything deep down the field, he's got. don't worry about it. do not let him catch anything underneath you. big time mistake.
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>> al: second down and goal. you think about keller here? no receptions in the second half. big first half, here's jim langford. how much do you trust your young quarterback here? or do you run the ball and make miami use another time-out? rolling, looking, throwing, incomplete. intended for keller. he had keller and edwards in that same neighborhood. >> cris: remember what mark sanchez was telling us last night. he basically said, you know what the best play i made all week last week was the one right before the end of the half. we had a field goal set up and i saw my guy, and i almost pulled the trigger, and i just didn't. i threw it out of bounds, and we kicked a field goal. and you can see the thought process working and the maturity now in mark sanchez.
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>> al: third and goal. toll tomlinson in the backfield. braylon edwards in the corner of the end zone. it's pass interference because he never turned around and looked at it. allen getting right into the face of edwards. >> cris: it's the right call. that's the right call. >> referee: pass interference, defense, number 32. ball will be placed at the 1 yard line. first down. >> al: he never turned around. >> cris: braylon edwards at the end of this play turns and goes right back through jason allen. if he didn't do that, he wouldn't have gotten this call. watch him jump back into jason allen, who's not looking. pass interference, correct call. absolutely the correct call. >> al: so it's first and goal from the 1. and tomlinson, and he will be
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knocked back shy of the goal line, and a free time-out comes here at the two-minute warning. a one-point game. miami has two time-outs remaining with 120 seconds left in regulation. jets 24, dolphins 23. download nfl mobile only on verizon and get live thursday and sunday night nfl games and nfl redzone. now everything football is everywhere. get the nfl with nfl mobile. rule the air. verizon. wendy's spicy chicken nuggets. all-white meat. seasoned with peppers and savory spices. so cool, i mean hot. wendy's classic frosty made with rich cream and 100% real cocoa. so hot. i mean, cool. each only 99 cents for a short time.
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>> al: post-game report coming up. tony and mike florio will wrap up the game. one of the things to think about, do you let the jets walk into the end zone to score a touchdown? it's still going to be a one possession game with eight points. are you still going to need a touchdown? if you don't, you take your time-outs, leave yourself with next to nothing and the jets take a field goal, you're still going to need a touchdown. >> cris: and rex ryan is now challenging something. >> referee: miami with 12 men on the field against the defense. >> cris: there was a defender that ran off the field late, and he didn't get all the way off, but it was close. is that wake? >> al: yes, it's wake. >> cris: cameron wake coming off. let's see when the snap occurs.
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>> al: i think he's off. this comes with tomlinson. >> cris: and the key to this would be it would go back to first down. >> al: that's exactly right. he's not going to gain a touchdown. he's going to gain about an inch. but the key is it goes back to first down, and then it's almost a certainty that miami has to let the jets try to score, but the jets could, you know, play it the other way too and just take a couple of kneel-downs, make miami use its time-outs and then kick a field goal. >> cris: remember, out of bounds is essentially when you step on the line, and did wake get his foot down on the ground as the time -- he's goingto hit the line there, and the snap took place already. i mean, i don't know if they're officiating it that closely or not, but now that you throw it into a challenge situation,
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perhaps they do. pretty good call by rex ryan to challenge this one. if he wins the challenge, i say score two touchdowns in two minutes and get the two-point conversion. >> al: not a lot to lose here. the only thing he would lose is a time-out. here he is again. he gets to the sidelines. it's very close. >> cris: that's close. in some ways, the penalty ended up being better than the touchdown to braylon edwards because they've put the ball back on the 1, and it's going to allow the jets to do whatever they want to do here as far as running extra time off the clock. >> al: i'm wondering if -- well
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just a thought here. the jets get a touchdown, put them up by seven. kicks the extra point. it's still a one possession game. would ryan go for two? who knows? rex can do anything. just a thought. >> cris: i think they would probably take an eight-point lead and be happy. >> al: i think i would too because then you would still make them score a touchdown and get a two-point conversion. boger ready to make his call. >> cris: remember it has to be conclusive. >> referee: after the challenge the ruling on the field stands. >> al: so remember no challenges in the last two minutes, but since it took place that side of the two-minute warning, it was challengeable. next to nothing to lose. the only possible down side
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would be, if somehow miami were to take the lead, and the jets would be minus one time-out. >> cris: well, now it's rex ryan that has the interesting decision very much. i don't think you can fool around here and not try to score. you want that eight-point lead. but he would have the option, if he chose to -- we'll see how he plays it. >> al: second down and goal. ladainian will go into the end zone for a touchdown. so ladainian tomlinson, short of a goal line stand, which would have taken a lot of time off the clock and miami's last two time-outs, not the worst thing in the world. they're still going to have to go all the way down the field, and they're going to have two time-outs. nick folk comes in for the extra point. >> cris: you see all the offensive linemen on the hard slant here, all going right.
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nick mangold not only buried the first guy but he also got just enough to get l.t. in. >> al: eight-point game as nick folk boots it through. it's 31-23, and the game with a lot more points than people thought with two really good defenses. 54 up on the board. a one-possession game. >> cris: army to the right, please, sir. they all went that way. l.t.'s done that a few times in his career, hasn't he? >> al: 154 career touchdowns for tomlinson. only jerry rice and emmitt smith have more. there it is. second most rushing, obviously, for ladainian behind emmitt. >> cris: the two big plays of that last drive were clearly by
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jason allen. here he is in double coverage. allows this little stop along the sideline to go. then the pass interference down at the other end. there's not much you can do. as a defender, you just have to simply get your head around and take your chances. you get your head around, all that contact is inconsequential. it doesn't get called. if you leave your head facing the receiver and the receiver jumps back through you every time. >> al: folk to kick off. patrick cobbs. takes it at the 2 yard line. and cobbs brings it out to the 32 yard line. so they have to navigate 68 yards in 1:48, and they have a pair of time-outs. >> cris: i'll tell you what, mark sanchez now in back to back games has been absolutely brilliant. but for chad henne, here's an opportunity. you know, he wants to prove
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himself that all those quarterbacks since dan marino, he wants to prove that he's the guy that's going to be here for a while. you don't need to look any further if you're the miami dolphins. this is a great way to prove it. >> al: 312 yards tonight. coming across the line is ellis, who says that he was induced, and he was. got to get jerome to radio shack or something. penalty's on vernon carey. >> cris: and now you've got issues. now it's first and 15. at least that time the jets were out there with only two downed linemen. everybody else sort of milling around. you know at least five of them are coming. see if you can pick out which five. it's not easy. >> al: first and 15. going to start with ronnie brown.
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and against that defense, brown going to take it out to the 43 yard line. they're now 57 yards away. >> cris: what a great call. it looked like an overload blitz to his left, run right. >> al: 90 seconds. 17-yard gain on a first and 15. henne with time. throws, caught. 40 yard line. and that's bess. and bess turns around. >> cris: boy, there was no whistle. i mean, this clearly was no whistle blown as do voenavone bess gets up. whether he was touched or not, he's lucky he didn't fumble that ball. >> al: henne looks right now goes left. catch is made. marshall inside the 30, inside the 20. taken down at the 7 by rodney poole. a blown cromartie tackle to
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begin with, and they're going to spot the ball at the 10 yard line. >> cris: brandon marshall with a great catch and run. he gets a little help from his friend. watch anthony fasano come flying down the field and just take out eric smith on the play. goodness gracious. that was close. >> al: ball is just outside the 10. they can get a first down without getting a touchdown. they still have their two time-outs. the ball is at the 10 1/2. and henne's going to throw a fade to the corner of the end zone with marshall and cromartie all night long. incomplete. second down. >> cris: brandon marshall saying he thought he got held on the play. that was great coverage by cromartie. you can see cromartie's strategy now. he is going to take away the slapt with his alignment. see how he has the inside eye. and he's going to play this fade. unlike the other end, cromartie was looking back, found the ball, and was safe.
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you get the feeling brandon marshall is going to be a factor the next few plays. they might have safety help coming this way, and they do. >> al: marshall bottom of the screen now, second and ten. henne time, but the coverage is great. they'll take him down at the 9 yard line. he says, give me that time-out right now with 42 seconds. >> cris: i'll tell you what, if chad henne had taken off and run to the right, he might still be running. just kind of panicked. the protection was there. he had time to look around. as the back finally comes out to the right, bart scott turns his back, and there was just nobody there. brandon marshall might be a little exhausted at this point because after that long run, he doesn't seem to be quite as quick. they did have safety help to his side. >> al: clearly in a four down situation, third and nine.
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9 1/2 with the touchdown. sanchez, 236 yards tonight. henne, 358 yards on 25 out of 42. >> cris: this is the rex ryan blitz down, but to do that, you have to play single coverage on brandon marshall. will he be willing to do that? >> al: cromartie is on marshall at the bottom of the screen. third and nine. he goes the other way to brown. and brown's going to get taken down inbounds at the 6 yard line. and that will compel miami to use its final time-out. >> cris: brandon marshall has changed the way that rex ryan is calling this game. usually in this situation, you end up getting some kind of pressure. this time a two-man rush was all they had, dropped everybody in coverage, and there were plenty of guys around brandon marshall. on the outside, cromartie is sitting out there. they had safety help over the top.
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and i don't care. i would tell brandon marshall, you go get down to the end line. i'm going to throw you a high fastball, and do your best blake clark situation. >> al: or a high change-up. ryan's at the 6 yard line. he wants a time-out. wanted to see how the dolphins were coming up on the play of the game here. and he takes a time-out. >> cris: one of the things that surprised me right there was the fact that they didn't put brandon marshall in a position where he could go in motion. one of the goals they had for the game was to put cromartie basically in something other than bump and run. early on, they had some success putting him in motion, brandon marshall marshall, and creating separation at the line of scrimmage. now that they've had a second to think about it, maybe they come
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back to that. >> al: 34 seconds. out of time-outs are the dolphins. and here we go. lt. hartline slot left. and henne looking over the middle and throwing into traffic. it's knocked away and picked off. drew coleman winds up with the football in the end zone, touchback. anthony fasano, the intended receiver. they try to jam it to the tight end. a big grin across the face of one rex ryan as his jets right now will go to 2-1.
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>> cris: great play by rodney pool right here. brodney pool is right back here. they're going to go on the same play earlier. post up position. chad henne misses it left just a little bit. if this is lower and more to the right, you probably get that rebound position, but brodney pool right there anticipating it. and they took brandon marshall away on every single play. they had double coverage every time, and for rex ryan it was close, but they got it done. >> al: again, as you point out, he's going to take, i think, one shot at just throwing a fade, throw it up in the air, and what the 6'4" marshall do what he can. they don't, and the dolphins with two road wins, come home and lose. what a race this is going to be in the afc east this season. >> cris: why do you say that? a little role reversal coming here.
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>> al: oh, that's fabulous. that is great. only rex, the loosest of coaching cannons. jets 31, miami 23. bob and the gang with the post-game wrap coming up. .
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both the jets and dolphins are 2-1 after new york reveils 31-23. mark sanchez, 15 of 28 for 256 and two touchdowns. one of those touchdown throws was a 67-yarder to the embattled braylon edwards, and both quarterback and receiver are on the field with andrea kremer. andrea? >> andrea: thank you very much, bob. mark fourth quarter, game-winning drive, just under five minutes. what was the key to making that work for you? >> i think it was us overcoming the crowd noise, overcoming some
11:53 pm
penalties, and staying alive on third down. you know, that's my first comeback win ever. i couldn't have done with without nick mangold. he had a hurt shoulder all week and really gutted it out. the offensive line, braylon, the receivers and running backs, we all did it. >> andrea: you told me last night they want to force me to win the game and hope i make a mistake. you dodged two near interceptions. how did you withstand it. >> one wasn't even close. the other right before halftime, just underthrew it a bit. that's what you can do, you can get away with stuff like that when you have such great receivers like braylon, david clowney, patrick turner stepping in, and dustin having a great game. >> andrea: and dustin. you told me the two of us are growing up together. why the rapport with dustin keller? two touchdowns tonight. >> he's so good and so athletic, i gave him the touchdown throw on the first drive. we needed a spark. we needed to hang tough after their big punch, and we did it. hats off to dustin and their team for giving us the good fight.
11:54 pm
we got on the road for the first time and got a big win. >> andrea: mark, thanks a lot. >> go easy on my boy now. >> andrea: of course i'll go easy. you told me last night, braylon if we win, i'll be here for the post-game. and here you are. what's been going on this week? >> it's been an interesting week. i have teammates and the organization that have been very supportive being there for me, and they've allowed me to have a better week than maybe somewhere else. >> andrea: what was it like standing there watching in the first quarter? >> obviously not the situation i want to be there. i was there to support my team, up cheering guys on, and being the best teammate that i could be. >> andrea: first catch in there, 67-yard touchdown. what was unique about that play for you. >> all week we said, you know, just want to make plays after the catch. anybody can throw a deep ball. for us, we want yards after the catch. it was a situation where i caught it outside. jason slipped, and i was able to go the distance. >> andrea: yet in the fourth quarter, two big plays obviously converted to third down and drew the pass interference call. how huge were those?
11:55 pm
>> they were big plays for our team. once again, mark making a play with his arm. taking advantage of a situation, them just having faith in me and trusting me. everybody played a good game today on offense. just wanted to fight to the end and that's what we did. >> andrea: thanks very much for your time. appreciate it. bob, the jets now are a half game up. they've beaten new england and miami in the afc east. >> andrea, thanks very much. let's check in now with tony dungy in new york. tony, before the game you said if this had happened with an indianapolis colt, this being the braylon edwards situation with a dui arrest about a week ago, if this had happened with an indianapolis colt when you were the coach of that team, you would have deactivated that player at least for this game. your reaction to braylon edwards' performance? not that that performance would have affected your decision, but your thoughts on how he performed tonight. >> i think you really have to take your hat off to bure braylon. with everything that went on around him, all the controversy
11:56 pm
he was ready to go. he came in and made three huge plays inform from him. that's what you like to see from a guy. regardless of what went on before, he was ready to play when his number was called. >> let's talk about the two quarterbacks, sanchez and henne. >> both quarterbacks played well, and i thought both defenses were going to do that. they were going to try to take away the running game and maybe the quarterbacks beat them. mark sanchez is growing up right before our eyes, and the jets are allowing him to do that. they call pass plays for him. they let him take some shots in the red zone. he came through with the touchdown passes to keller and edwards. he is becoming the leader for the jets, the leader they need. >> tony, the jets have beat the pats and the dolphins early in the season. all three teams are 2-1. who do you see as the class of the afc east? >> i like the jets right now because, frankly, i think they have the best defense. and it didn't really show tonight, but when they get revis back, they'll be able to take
11:57 pm
away some of those plays that marshall got today, some of the pass plays. they'll have two excellent corners, and i think they're the team to beat right now because of that defense. >> tony, as always, thanks. we'll talk with you next week. we turn now to mike florio of pro football talk on mike, one of the topics tomorrow on the monday ten pak, the undisciplined giants. they had 11 penalties against tennessee today, 5 of them were personal fouls. >> yeah, not a good showing for the new york giants. they're now 1-2, and you have to wonder what happens after this season. if they don't make it to the postseason. last year after a collapse down the stretch, co-owner john mara was not happy at all. there was talk maybe tom coughlin will will be gone then. he's only got one year left on his contract after this year. if they don't make it to the postseason, you have to think about coughlin being out. bill cowher recently suggested he's looking to come back. he's looking for the right
11:58 pm
situation. one of his former players, jerome bettis said he thinks cowher covets that job with the new york giants. we could see bill cowher in new york next year. >> tim tebow has the highest selling jersey in the nfl, but he was demoted to third string today. what's the story? >> this is a surprise because tim tebow was under the impression he'd be the number two guy for denver this year. when he is number three behind brady quinn, he can't come in for the single wing package and take a few snaps here or there. so it tells you the gap between brady quinn and tim tebow is big enough to make the broncos decide we're far more comfortable with brady quinn as a number two. we're willing to give up having tim tebow on the field. we may not see him much at all the rest of the year. >> let's take a look at significant injuries, beginning with andre johnson of the texans. >> andre johnson aggravated an ankle that he sprained last week against the redskins. he came back after he injured that ankle against the cowboys.
11:59 pm
he was removed from the game once it was out of hand. they're going to treat it. there's no reason to think he won't be ready for next week. it could be a chronic thing that affected him all year. steven jackson, the tailback from the rams, he was off to a great start, injured a groin. mri tomorrow. they don't think it's serious, but there's an unconfirmed report they may bring in larry johnson for a workout. and shawne merriman, the chargers linebacker, injured a calf first quarter at seattle, didn't return. he needs a huge year. he wants to cash in as a free agent. so we'll pay close attention to what's up with the calf injury. >> mike, good info as always. we'll talk to you next week. you can check out more from mike on with all the latest news and notes. here in south florida, the jets beat the dolphins. it went right down to the wire, 31-23. back to al and cris to wrap things up after this. . glide challenge. woow! hey man, how ya doin'? how's your shave? kinda like tuggin' and pullin'. see how shaving can cause irritating tug and pull? [ male announcer ] that's why gillette's int

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